Adam Lambert Shares The Only Reason He Performs With Queen

Adam Lambert recently sat down with USA TODAY and talked about his history with Queen and why he is honored to share the stage with Brian May and Roger Taylor after all these years. Here’s what the singer said:

“Being with Brian and Roger on stage, these are rock legends. They light up when the lights come up; they get to perform these songs they embedded in pop culture and get to bask in the legacy that they’ve created, and I love being of service to that. I love being able to make that possible that’s a real treat.”

The Queen singer since 2011, also reminisced about how his relationship with the band started and grew over the years; he added:

“I think back in 2012; we first did something together. It was after my first album, my first solo tour; it was performing on stage at the EMAs for MTV. They were going to do a medley; they wanted me to sing with them; we had met on the American Idol finale. I was like, ‘Of course, I would love to do that.’ I mean, your Queen, this is such a big honor, and I had a blast with them, and we just connected, and it just felt good.”

Even though Lambert didn’t think it would last this long, the singer shared that the reaction from audiences kept him going by saying:

“So slowly but surely, more opportunities came up, and it kept gaining momentum. We did our first world tour starting in 2014. I got to say I didn’t think it would keep going, but it’s been the most amazing run, and we’re still doing it, and we have so much fun together. Audiences are elated when they leave; they love the show, and that’s what keeps me going is the joy that it brings people. You look out there, and you’re like, we’re doing something right; people are having a great time.”

Now, Queen + Adam Lambert, who have shared the same stage for many years, are getting ready to take the stage once again with the continuation of their ‘Rhapsody Tour,’ which started in 2019. They are returning the show to where it began by kicking off their North American tour on October 4th.

You can watch Adam Lambert’s interview with USA TODAY below.