Perry Farrell Gives An Update On His Son’s Health Status After Having A Severe Skateboarding Accident

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell took his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed the latest update about his son’s health.

Perry announced that one of his sons got a serious accident due tp falling from his skateboard and holding onto a glass bottle and revealed that there are severed nerves because of it.

Also, Perry was trying to comfort his son by giving a perspective from the civil war and said that there was no anesthesia back in the days and soldiers were considered lucky if they found a bottle of whiskey.

After spending three weeks with the doctors and operations to attach his nerves, Perry stated that they finally have a smile on his face and showed that his condition is going pretty fine right now.

Here is what Perry Farrell said:

“To give him some perspective, I brought up the Civil War. ‘There was no anesthesia, if he was lucky, a soldier got a few slugs of whiskey, then woke to the sight of a missing limb.’ This was the result of severed nerves- falling from his skateboard- holding onto a glass bottle.”

He added:

“After 3 weeks of watching him shaking in pain, having 6 different doctors sew him together, watching his wound swell up from infection, cutting him back open, to discover he needed to attach the nerve endings from a cadaver in 6 places; a smile has finally returned to his face.”

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