Dee Snider’s Favorite ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Pop Song

Most people tend to have a guilty pleasure that they secretly enjoy, but the fear of it being revealed makes them want to crawl under a rock. That is all the more common if these people are rockers who usually seem to have an edgy and tough attitude. The guilty pleasures can vary from social norms to films, TV shows, and songs, which people might judge or not take seriously.

Thus, interviewers often ask rock artists about their guilty pleasures to get a kick out of their answers. Sometimes, musicians surprise their audience by naming a pop song, which is rather unusual for someone who has dedicated their life to rock. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider was one of the artists who shared his favorite guilty pleasure pop song on Twitter in response to a fan.

What Is Dee Snider’s Favorite Pop Song?

Even if the public often perceives rock stars in connection to their stage personas, who are often aggressive, energetic, rebellious, and loud, artists do not necessarily demonstrate these qualities in their everyday lives. They are ordinary people, and even the toughest musician has guilty pleasures. While some attempt to hide the things they enjoy for fear of being criticized, some are open to the idea of sharing a different side of their personality.

For instance, guitarist Steve Vai shared that his guilty pleasure was Harry Styles, and David Crosby revealed his guilty pleasure as the Eagles. Last year one of Dee Snider’s fans shared an old interview where the biggest rock stars shared their favorite guilty pleasure pop songs. Slash was not afraid to admit that he likes Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ while Sixx: A.M. shared that they enjoy LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It.’

When a fan challenged Dee Snider on Twitter in 2021 to share his favorite guilty pleasure pop song, Snider shared that Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ was one of his guilty pleasures, and he wasn’t ashamed to share it with his fans. He explained that the modulation on the B-verse is what made him fall in love with the song, as it is melodically terrific.

The singer was not afraid to admit his favorite pop song and tweeted:

“‘Dancing Queen’ ABBA. The modulation on the B-verse (‘You can dance…’) is melodically stunning! No shame.”

You can watch the official music video of ‘Dancing Queen’ below.