Dee Snider Talks About Johnny Cash’s Kids Being Metal Fans

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider gave an interview to Classic Rock for a featured article. In the interview, he revealed whether Johnny Cash got upset because his kids turned out to be metal fans.

As a musician who has been active for a long time, Snider has encountered many artists. So, it is no surprise that he has many interesting stories to tell. Recently, Snider gave an interview to Classic Rock to reveal some of them. As it appears, one of these stories involved the famous musician Johnny Cash.

According to Dee Snider, he met Johnny Cash when Twisted Sister was performing in an arena in Saskatchewan, Canada. He said that he learned Cash was there when the band’s guitarist Jay Jay French came into his dressing room to tell him.

Following that, Snider stated Cash approached him and introduced himself. To Snider’s surprise, Cash’s kids were huge Twisted Sister fans, and the musician was there for autographs. As Johnny Cash is a country musician, Snider questioned whether he was upset as his kids were metal fans. Dee then revealed that probably not, as he didn’t show any sign of discomfort.

In the interview, Dee Snider recalled the incident as:

“So we’re in Canada, and we’re at the height of Twisted Sister mania. We’re playing in an arena in Saskatchewan. The road can be pretty boring, and you know how bands like to play pranks to alleviate the tedium? Jay Jay French comes into my dressing room and says: ‘Johnny Cash is here.’ I reply: ‘Oh, really? Johnny Cash is in Saskatchewan, Canada, backstage at a Twisted Sister show? Pull the other one.’

Then a few seconds later I hear the words: ‘Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.’ Just like on TV. I look up and there he is, this big guy standing in the fucking doorway. Turns out Johnny’s kids are huge Twisted Sister fans and they want our autographs. Was Johnny upset that his children were growing up Twisted Sister fans rather than country & western fans? If he was he certainly didn’t show it.

Although Johnny Cash is a talented country musician, it appears that his children turned out to be metal fans. However, according to Dee Snider, it wasn’t that much of a problem for the musician.