Dee Snider Shares The Secret Formula That He Uses To Protect His Unique Voice

Heavy metal legend, Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider answered one of his followers’ questions through Twitter and revealed his secret formula for the protection of his remarkable voice throughout his musical career.

As a very active social media user, Snider shared his thoughts about different subjects or people and the details about his personal life through his Twitter account. As you remember, he unveiled the truth about Lemmy Kilmister and stated that the rumor that tells Kilmister gained more money from writing songs for Ozzy Osbourne than Motörhead wasn’t true.

Snider also reacted to the controversial statements of Ted Nugent and expressed his unhappiness about Nugent’s political views. He stated that Nugent had previously rebelled against the government to get away from going to the Vietnam war. Snider defined him as a ‘wrong wing conspiracy theorist’ because of his different ideas about Covid-19, wearing masks, vaccination, and white supremacy.

Recently, he replied to a fan’s question about whether he has lost his voice or not. He said that he has lost it many times and even had throat surgery once. Shortly after that, another follower praised his voice by calling him one of the best vocalists of all time and asked him how he has protected it for years. Snider stated that he is more careful about using his voice now. He gives importance to a healthy lifestyle, warming up before singing, and having breaks which seems to be the formula of protecting his unique voice.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Many times. Throat surgery once.

Honestly, healthy lifestyle, warmups while I’m singing and in fairness to many others, I don’t sing all the time so I don’t abuse it anymore. Back in the day, I used to burn it out all the time.”

You can see the tweets below.