Dee Snider Says He Never Wanted To Do What Iron Maiden Did

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider spoke in a recent interview with Brave Words and shared his experience touring with Iron Maiden back in the day.

After releasing their fifth studio album, ‘Powerslave,’ Iron Maiden wanted to promote the record and started a tour in 1984, the ‘World Slavery Tour.’ In the North America leg of the tour, Twisted Sister opened for them. In the conversation, Dee mentioned that they got along with all Iron Maiden members because they had a lot in common, such as age, marriage, having kids, and many more.

While talking about the similarities, Dee also pointed out that they had different points of view on how to make music and play on the stage. Therefore, Dee never saw himself wanting to do what Maiden did. Even though there are differences between their playing styles and performances, Dee showed his respect to the Maiden frontman, saying that he is one of the good frontmen in the world.

Dee Snider on touring with Iron Maiden:

I remember just getting along really well with the guys. We formed around the same time, I think Maiden formed in ’76, and I joined Twisted in ’76.

We’re about the same age, and we were both married, both had kids, our kids would be out on the road – they would play together backstage, so it was really a great thing. And they would watch us, we would watch them, and it was mutual respect, which was really great, but we were two different animals.”

He continued:

I never saw myself as wanting to do what Maiden did, and I’m not sure they really think that they wanted to do what Twisted Sister and Dee Snider did, although Bruce [Dickinson, vocals] is one of the few, the shortlist of frontmen that I hold in regard.

I think very highly of myself when it comes to fronting, it’s what I do very well, but there’s a short list of people who are really good at being a frontman. Not just a singer, a frontman is a different job, and Bruce is one of those people.

You can check out the interview below.