Ted Nugent Urges Fans To Boycott ‘The Evildoing’ Big Brands

Ted Nugent is not one to shy away from sharing his opinions, no matter how polarizing. This time around, the singer shared a clip from his show, The Nightly Nuge, on Facebook and advised fans to boycott big brands. He said:

“Ford, Levi, Adidas, Tractor Supply, Target, North Face. We have got to stand up against the evildoers. If you backtrack it to the global tyrants controlling all this, the World Economic Fund, they are giving these; I hate to use the word woke because they are perverted. These perverted corporations that are celebrating perversion and evil they’re giving them a better environmental and social scorecard so they can keep their funding going because the people running these corporations aren’t really involved with the corporations.”

The singer praised the Americans who stood up against these household names like Anheuser Busch and Target; he added:

“The people who invented Walmart and Levi and Ford, the founding fathers of these great corporate corporations, believed in their products, believed in excellence, and in producing a world-class product. But now it is lost generation after generation where it’s just money-hungry greedy sheep that will do anything to keep funding going.

I salute Americans for sucker-punching Anheuser Busch and Target. They are losing billions of dollars because they are giving the consumers the finger. When a company gives the consumer the finger, don’t give them any more of your money; it’s that simple.”

If you weren’t familiar with what Nugent was referencing, it is about what started as a Bud Light boycott that trickled into a Target one and hit both stocks hard. Following the release of its 2023 Pride Season collection, the company announced that it would remove some items. Here’s what Target said in their statement:

“Since introducing this year’s collection, we’ve experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and well-being at work. Given these volatile circumstances, we are adjusting our plans, including removing items at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.”

You can watch the The Nightly Nuge clip here.