Dee Snider Says He Is Grateful About His Financial Position After Struggling For Years

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider recently shared a post on his official Twitter account regarding the tax system and stated that he is grateful for his financial position after being broke for years.

The tax system is a long-debated topic in the US, and most Americans are sceptical about the system’s fairness. The debate over federal taxation goes back to the nation’s founding, and different views on taxation have become one of the defining distinctions between conservatives and liberals in the US.

Traditionally, conservatives favour a limited government and support reductions in taxes, while liberals promote a more active government. Thus, a larger government requires more public spending and higher revenue. Libertarians, on the other hand, separate themselves from conservative and liberal views and think taxation is theft because it is taken without permission.

A Twitter user who holds Libertarian views wrote to Dee Snider that he should support the Libertarian side in the discussions on taxation. The rocker said he is not a Libertarian, and he feels satisfied when he pays his taxes regularly. Snider stated that he spent so many years broke, so he can’t believe he makes that much money now. Thus, he is grateful for his current financial position after suffering financial difficulties for years.

The user’s words on taxation:

“Dee, I dig you. Please be Libertarian! Don’t hurt anyone. Don’t take anybody’s stuff. Taxation is theft. Plus, ‘We’re Not Going To Take It’ is the perfect song for that!”

Dee Snider’s reply:

“Guess I’m not a libertarian. After years of being broke and carried by my family, friends, and various government programs, I find it oddly satisfying when I pay my taxes. Not that I like giving money away, but I can’t believe I’m able to write big checks like that.”

The rocker continued:

“You can’t pay a lot in taxes unless you make a lot of money. Call me crazy, but after having nothing, I’m grateful to be in this financial position.”

You can check out the tweets below.