Dee Snider Says He Has Lost Some Of His Top Notes But ‘The Rest Are On Fire’

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently shared several posts regarding his vocals on his official Twitter account. The singer argued that he doesn’t have some of his top notes now, but the rest of them are still in good condition.

On April 13, music journalist Mitch Lafon posted a tweet in which he included a quote from the musician Huey Lewis. In the excerpt, Lewis states that he believes musicians don’t have the vocal range they once had after getting older. He then argues these musicians have more experience with the audience by giving an example of a more senior pitcher in baseball.

Saying that he agrees with Lewis, Mitch Lafon shared this quote with his audience. Upon seeing that, Dee Snider decided to snipe at him and asked him whether he was a singer. Moreover, Snider also made a sarcastic remark by saying he will watch out for it if Lafon is actually a singer.

Following that, one of Snider’s fans got offended by this tweet and thought Mitch Lafon was aiming at Snider. Lafon then answered the fan, saying that he or Lewis wasn’t referring to Snider as he is still as powerful as ever. Snider then intervened and said he was joking around, adding that he was still roaring like a lion.

Huey Lewis’ quote is as follows:

“As you get older, you don’t have the vocal range you once had. But I think you have more experience. It’s a bit like a pitcher in baseball. You might not throw as hard as you used to, but you can locate the pitches better. You can vary them to keep hitters off balance. Or keep the audience on balance as it were.”

After seeing this, Dee Snider tweeted:

“Exactly? Are you a singer, Mitch? I personally haven’t noticed that, but I’ll watch out for it.”

After one fan made an offensive remark, Mitch Lafon said:

“Neither I nor Huey Lewis was referring to Dee. Dee’s vocal prowess is absolutely not in question. He’s as powerful as ever.”

Snider then responded:

“I was just busting your balls, Mitch. As I often do. We are cool, and I’m still roaring like a lion!

Another one of his followers told Snider that Robert Plant also made a similar remark about doing Zeppelin songs. As a response, Snider once again expressed his real intent was joking and he is blessed to have a strong voice. Lafon then praised Snider’s vocal range, and Snider said that although he has lost some of his top notes, the rest are still on fire.

One of Snider’s followers then tweeted:

“Robert Plant said pretty much the same thing when asked about doing Zep songs. Might not be the same for all voices.”

As a response, Snider said:

“Let me be clear: I am blessed to still have a strong voice and feel for those who don’t. I was just having some fun at Mitch Lafon’s expense. I meant no harm or insult to Huey or any of the others.”

Mitch Lafon then added:

“Well, your vocal range is insane… You’re a machine!”

Snider responded to Lafon by saying the following:

“Having busted your chops, I will come clean. Honestly, I have lost some of my top notes. But the rest are on g-damn fire!

You can check out the tweets below.