Dee Snider Says Bon Jovi Was Inspired By Twisted Sister’s ‘Gang Mentality’

Dee Snider attended an interview on Metal Godz Radio and spoke about the image of Twisted Sister. The singer also stated that Bon Jovi liked the idea of Twisted Sister’s gang image and tried to adapt their style in their album.

Twisted Sister is widely known for its extravagant looks with makeup and clothes. The band also has a reputation for being rebellious in their music videos and lyrics which were mostly written by Dee Snider. Snider stated that their aim was nothing but to enjoy rock music, in the PMRC lawsuit in 1985. However, the image they gave to their fans, not only with their music and lyrics but also with their appearance, seemed highly rebellious.

In a recent interview, Snider admitted that their makeup along with their motorcycle jackets made the band feel like a gang because their fashion sense allowed them to feel and be more connected to each other. The frontman said that whenever they were in a new environment, and the band was outnumbered, he would feel safe knowing that ‘the boys’ have his back.

Dee also mentioned that bands like Black Label Society and Bon Jovi got inspired by Twisted Sister’s outlook and image. He stated that Bon Jovi members were Twisted Sister fans who were inspired by the band, particularly on their album covers.

Snider talked about how Twisted Sister inspired others by stating:

“The thing I miss is the gang mentality. You know, ‘us against the world’ kind of thing. Twisted Sister famously had ’Twisted Sister collars,’ we called them motorcycle jackets. Black Label [Society] got it from us. Also, Bon Jovi. On their album cover, they got it from Twisted. They’re all Twisted fans. So, we used to walk around, and we felt like we were a gang. Sometimes you went into a new town, and you were grossly outnumbered. So, it was nice to have your boys standing by you.

You can watch the entire interview below.