When Marilyn Manson Recalled The Time Courtney Love Almost Made Him Vomit


Courtney Love is mostly known for her relationship with late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain as they were one of the most famous couples in rock music history. However, she isn’t just an important figure in the grunge scenes of the 1990s with her personal life, she was also a rock star who had her own band, Hole.

Her band toured with Marilyn Manson on the Beautiful Monsters Tour in 1999 but dropped out after nine performances due to personal differences between the two musicians. However, their friendship over the years grew into something many wouldn’t call normal due to countless crazy moments they shared together.

In fact, Marilyn Manson once admitted that Courtney Love almost made him vomit which is something that’s almost impossible considering the peculiar things he had done in the past. Let’s take a look at the timeline of their relationship as well as the reason Manson felt disgusted and enchanted by Love at the same time.

Marilyn Manson And Courtney Love Have A Weird Friendship


For many years, Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson have argued publicly since their tour together in the 1990s. Furthermore, the two starred in several episodes of FX’s famous show ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ but refuse to film together which proved that they were on bad terms after all those years.

However, Manson revealed that they buried the hatchet during an interview with Esquire back in 2015. According to the rocker, they are on good terms despite not seeing each other on regular basis. Yet, their friendship got stronger in the following years as Love appeared in the music video for Manson’s ‘Tattooed in Reverse‘ in March 2018.

Marilyn Manson Called Courtney Love ‘Dirty’


During an interview with SPIN Magazine in 2003, Marilyn Manson was asked who’s the sleaziest rock star he has ever partied with. Surprisingly, the rocker stated that he would say Courtney Love if she still were a rock star. The party detail she revealed following that had more details to Love.

According to Manson, Love was always bruised and dirty in the early days of her career which added a charm to her rock presence. However, what the musician didn’t like was the razor burns on her bikini line which sounds incredibly common for many people but for some reason, it made Manson almost vomit.

When asked the sleaziest rock star he has ever partied with, Manson said:

“If Courtney Love was still a rock star, I’d say her. She had razor bumps on her bikini line, and that almost made me vomit. She was always bruised and dirty, and at least in the beginning, there was a lot of charm to it. To her credit, she probably wears that crown really proudly. I don’t dislike her.”

You can watch the music video of ‘Tattooed in Reverse’ below.