This KISS Photo Went Viral On Reddit For A Creepy Reason

Just press play on this tune and take a good look at the picture for a moment. How do you feel? A bit spooked? You’re not alone.

This photo of KISS, posing with what appears to be a group of their family members, went viral on Reddit for its uncanny valley vibes.

The photo was shared in a subreddit titled ‘oddly terrifying.’ It’s a place where people usually post images that are strangely unsettling. This image fits right in — just imagine seeing your grandparents sitting next to a group of people dressed as demons!

Some Reddit users revealed who the older adults in the photo were, and it turns out Gene Simmons’ parents are not in the picture. Instead, those you might thought to be his parents are actually Bill Aucoin’s parents. Bill is the man with the mustache in the photo, and he was the band’s manager at the time.

Other details suggest that it was taken in 1977, at the Madison Square Garden backstage.

One Redditor said they look like:

“Senior citizens and the demons that haunt them.”

Another joked:

“Some nights we wrestle with our demons. Other nights we make them clean their rooms.”

Others argue this photo actually belongs to the ‘oddly wholesome’ subreddit, though.