Is Steve DiGiorgio The New Bassist Of Megadeth? Fans Discover Several Indicators On Social Media

Megadeth fans started to speculate about the identity of Megadeth’s new bassist who replaced David Ellefson after the band’s frontman Dave Mustaine shared a video from the recent recording of the session on Cameo. Some of their fans suggested that Testament bassist Steve DiGiorgio is the new bassist of the band with the help of some evidence.

As you might know, Steve DiGiorgio has been pursuing a very successful career as the bassist of various legendary metal bands such as Death, Iced Earth, Autopsy, Obituary, Control Denied, Dragonlord, and Charred Walls of the Damned. He has been also widely known as being the guest and session bassist of Heathen, Christian Muenzner, and Artlantica with many more.

The fans regarded DiGiorgio as a very suitable candidate for being the new bassist of Megadeth after David Ellefson fired and his bass parts were removed from the band’s upcoming album. Most of the fans claimed that he was actually hired by Megadeth after the recent video of Dave Mustaine which was shared on Cameo. The fans discovered an important detail in the video even though the bassist was hiding behind a chair not to reveal his true identity. One of the fans captured a photo of the five-string BTB Ibanez bass, which is also used by DiGiorgio, from the video and shared it on Reddit.

Moreover, a Spanish conversation between a fan and the Testament bassist on Twitter was seen as important evidence. The fan says ‘Tonight before I sleep I’ll just say I’d love to see the great Steve DiGiorgio as the bass player for Megadeth’ and DiGiorgio responded saying ‘Me too, son of a bitch.’ However, the tweet was deleted by Steve DiGiorgio so the fans thought that he was the new bassist of Megadeth with the help of all these indicators.

You can see the photo and tweets below.