Dave Mustaine Says David Ellefson’s Parts On New Megadeth Album Were Re-Recorded

In his recent video on Cameo, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed that the bass parts of Megadeth’s upcoming album, which previously belonged to the band’s former bassist David Ellefson, were played and re-recorded by the new bassist of the band.

As you have already known, Dave Mustaine announced that they started working on Megadeth’s 16th studio album which was entitled ‘The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!’ for now. The upcoming album was actually planned to be released earlier, however, it had to be rescheduled to this summer because they needed to find a new bassist to replace David Ellefson.

Megadeth decided to recruit a new bassist after the band’s bassist Ellefson had been fired from the band due to a leaked video in which he was accused of grooming an under-aged fan girl. In one of his previous interviews, Mustaine stated that they were looking for a new bassist for recording and he hoped that he would be the permanent bassist of Megadeth.

In his recent appareance, Dave Mustaine shared the name of a track from the upcoming album which is ‘The Dogs of Chernobyl’ and said that it is as aggressive as ‘Fatal Illusion’ in his new video message on Cameo. He also gave the good news to the fans of Megadeth by saying that the basses were rerecorded by the new bassist of the band and the upcoming 16th studio album of Megadeth will be ready to be released soon.

In Mustaine’ words, he said:

“I hear you’re a big pretty fan of ‘Fatal Illusion’ right now. That’s cool. Actually, we’ve got one song on the new album, it’s called ‘The Dogs of Chernobyl,’ which is very similar to ‘Fatal Illusion’ in aggression.

So I hope you like that song when you get the new record. It won’t be long. It’s a matter of finishing the parts when I get home today and tomorrow. Our bass parts are all done. And it won’t be long.

You can watch the video below.