Dee Snider Responds To Joey Belladonna’s Taylor Swift Name-Drop, ‘F–k Her’

Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna recently shared a message for his fans on his X account, which got a reply from the Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider.

Belladonna’s Taylor Swift Message

In the video message he shared not only for his fans but also for football fans, the rocker revealed that he would be singing the national anthem and also named the pop singer Taylor Swift. He said the following:

“Hey, it’s Joey Belladonna here from Anthrax. I’m gonna be in Denver this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs doing the national anthem. All you football fans, I’ll see you there, and maybe even Taylor Swift, who knows? See you.”

Dee Snider’s Reaction To The Message

The frontman’s message was acclaimed by many of his followers, including a fellow rocker. Although the Twisted Sister singer praised Belladonna, he downgraded the pop singer. He wrote the following:

“F*ck Taylor Swift! Give me heavy metal any day! Tear it up Joey!”

Snider’s reaction got several comments, most of which stated that his vulgar words for the singer were unnecessary and that his attitude was wrong.

Below, you can see the video message and Snider’s following reaction.