Dee Snider Recalls Ozzy Osbourne’s Confession About His Substance Abuse

Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider recently posted a tweet revealing what Ozzy Osbourne confessed to him about Black Sabbath members’ drug addiction.

In February 1971, Black Sabbath entered the studio to record their third album ‘Master Of Reality.’ However, they also brought with them a briefcase full of cash to buy substances. At that time, they were coming up with new ideas and forgetting them because they were constantly consuming drugs.

Black Sabbath members eventually took a break in 1972 after being exhausted by touring and recording. When the band got together in June, they decided to record a new album but encountered problems due to substance abuse issues. Their battle with addiction was so severe that it negatively affected the band’s career.

Ozzy Osbourne had the most challenging battle with substance abuse among other members. His excessive abuse of drugs even led to his firing in 1979. In a recent tweet, 7RockLists shared a picture of Sabbath’s ‘Sabotage’ album cover, featuring Bill Ward in funny-looking pants. Upon seeing this, Snider took his fans’ attention to Ward’s choice of pants.

One of Snider’s fans responded to this tweet by ridiculing all members’ outfits on the album cover. After that, Snider revealed that Ozzy Osbourne once told him he and Black Sabbath used acid daily for a year. According to the musician, this unusual album cover resulted from their drug abuse.

Dee Snider’s fan said the following about the ‘Sabotage’ album cover:

“F*cking wired outfits, all round.”

Snider then responded:

“Ozzy Osbourne once told me he and the band did acid every day for an entire year. This cover is clearly the result!

You can check out the tweet below.