Dee Snider Recalls Lemmy Kilmister Ruining His Plans To Surprise The Audience

In a recent post on Twitter, Twisted Sister’s iconic frontman Dee Snider recalled when he appeared on a heavy metal show on MTV, which he co-produced. During the show, Dee planned to surprise the audience; however, his plans were ruined by late icon Lemmy Kilmister.

Dee Snider has been the voice of both metal music and metal concerns throughout his career with his opinionated and extroverted personality. Aside from being the successful frontman of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has also stood up to save rock and metal genres in a trial initiated by the PMRC in 1985. His strong defense on the side of rock and metal saved the genres from being banned that day.

After a few years, Snider decided to put his foot down on MTV and create a show for metal music only. He ran the show for 18 months under the name ‘Heavy Metal Mania,’ and after he left, it got renamed ‘Headbangers Ball.’ He welcomed many metal icons on the show, and one of them was Lemmy Kilmister.

Motörhead’s iconic singer Lemmy Kilmister attended the show in 1995, but the fans didn’t know about it since Snider was planning to surprise them. However, Kilmister decided to ruin the surprise by walking through the set before Snider presented him. As it can be seen in the video, Snider was angry at Kilmister for doing so, but he playfully pushed his shoulder to get him off the camera. He recently tweeted about it and recalled how his dear friend Lemmy Kilmister ruined his plans to surprise the audience and stated he missed him.

Here is what Snider tweeted about Kilmister:

“I co-created a show in ’95 on MTV called ‘Heavy Metal Mania’ that was later rebranded ‘Headbangers’ Ball.’ In this episode, I had a surprise guest who decided to walk through the set and ruin the surprise! Lord I miss Lemmy Kilmister. RIP.”

You can see Dee Snider’s tweet below.