Dee Snider Recalls How Prince Warned Everyone Not To Directly Look At Him

In his interview with The Jasta Show, Twisted Sister lead vocalist Dee Snider remembered the time when he was one of the presenters of the Grammy Awards in 1985 and revealed how Prince and his guards behaved the people who were at the rehearsals.

The 27th Annual Grammy Awards took place on February 26, 1985, in Los Angeles. It was hosted by John Denver and many musical legends such as Tina Turner, Davis Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, and Prince were awarded thanks to their remarkable works. Prince won the Grammy awards of Best Rhythm & Blues Song and Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

Dee Snider defined this time as the era of ‘Purple Rain’ which was released by Prince and his backing band the Revolution on September 26, 1984, in his interview. He stated that he couldn’t forget the special purple trailer of Prince and his guards’ overreactions toward everyone. The guards surrounded Prince and didn’t let anyone see him when he arrived at the award ceremony rehearsal.

During his recent interview, Dee Snider recalled the time when he saw Prince in person during the rehearsals for the soundcheck. He highlighted that his guards were so overprotective and aggressive that they told everyone even Stevie Wonder not to look at Prince directly. Snider stated that he didn’t react to anything and just walked through without looking at Prince.

Snider recalled these times saying:

“I was presenting at the Grammy Awards in ’84 or ’85 – and that was the kind of thing I used to get shit for, for doing these mainstream things. I viewed it as I was bringing metal to the mainstream in the sense of people making them aware of us, and that me being a presenter on the Grammy awards was an acknowledgment of the community.

And I was compared to the dorky guy getting the playmate going, ‘Check it out! Look where I am!’ But I got all this shit talking and kickback, ‘Dude has sold out, he’s on the Grammy awards…’ and stuff like that. I didn’t even sit in the house.

But cut to the thing – we’re doing the rehearsal, and now Prince is on that, and Prince is so powerful that he had them bring a trailer into the backstage area painted purple. So this is the ‘Purple Rain’ era, so he and The Revolution would be within. But they had their own space. Now, I’m backstage with Ray Davies from The Kinks, Stevie Wonder, it’s just all the presenters and the staff.”

He went on:

“And now Prince has to come out the soundcheck, there’s this craziness around the trailer, this phalanx of security. If you remember he had that guy that looked like a pro wrestler, he had the two-tone beard going on, walking out in front.

And they surround the band, they’re so big you can’t see anybody, you just see this mass of people moving towards the stage. And the guy out front, the two-toned beard, is pointing people saying, ‘Avert your eyes! Look away! Don’t look at him!’

A) Can’t see him. B) Don’t care. They told Stevie Wonder to not look at him! Talking about insensitivity… I just walked out, I didn’t say around with the soundcheck, who wants this… Anyway, but yeah, that was my close brush with Prince.”

You can watch the interview below.