Dee Snider Mocks Gene Simmons About ‘Inventing Everything’

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently replied to a user on Twitter who cited Snider in a recent quarrel by stating that the rocker invented everything. Snider opposed it and noted that it was Gene Simmons.

Stage dive is usually done in performances by highly energetic musicians. Once they determine that the crowd’s energy is at its highest level, the musicians risk their lives by jumping towards the crowd and surfing through them. This is considered a classic move in the world of performances, and many artists love to do it.

Dee Snider recently opened Pandora’s box on Twitter when he replied to a fan who stated that it’s funny how Snider thinks he invented stage diving. Snider snapped back to the user and opened up a discussion about who actually invented the dangerous stage act.

He said he always thought it was Iggy Pop, but several musicians like The Ramones or the Runaways have dedicated their stage dives to Dee Snider. After this argument, a fan stated that Dee Snider is the inventor of everything, and Dee opposed him, saying that KISS’ Gene Simmons invented everything.

Here is what the fan said:

“Dee Snider invented everything.”

And Snider replied:

“No… that’s Gene Simmons.”

Snider’s possibly sarcastic remark about Gene Simmons comes from the idea that Simmons has tried to trademark everything he could think of, including the devil’s horns hand sign. He is known to be a businessman and a marketing genius aside from being a musician, and he has already trademarked a lot of KISS items and is on his way to opening a KISS museum.

Because the rockstar is so keen to claim the rights to anything to create a business out of it, he received a lot of backlash from music fans, especially about the devil horns. Hence, Snider laughed with his fans by stating that Gene Simmons has invented everything.

You can have a look at the tweet below.