The Last Song Tom Petty Recorded Before His Death

There are several ways to celebrate one’s life after one passes away, whether they are a known person by the entire world or unknown to anyone but their family and friends. Some people like to grieve and hold onto sadness for a very long time until they cannot anymore. Other people like to celebrate how the now-angel spent their life, what they did for the world and how they made sure there was some good in this world of chaos.

Tom Petty was one of the most kind-hearted rockstars that ever spent time in the rock and roll world. Aside from his celebrated career, his personality and heart were the two qualities that have made his loved ones miss him since 2017. He was remembered in many ways, including the traditional tributes. But Chris Hillman had something very special in his hand and thought that it was the best way to honor Petty’s legacy.

Tom Petty’s Last Recorded Song With Chris Hillman

One of The Byrds’ founding members, Chris Hillman, had no intention of releasing another solo record after ‘The Other Side,’ until he came across Tom Petty shortly before his death. The singer inspired Hillman to create another record. Neither Tom nor Chris could have predicted that this collaboration would be the last of the Heartbreakers singer, but fate wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tom produced the sessions and also participated in songs. He played harmonica in ‘Given All I Can See,’ and the electric guitar in ‘Here She Comes Again.’ The album ‘Bidin’ My Time’ was released on September 22, 2017, and Tom passed away from drug intoxication on October 2, 2017, making ‘Bidin’ My Time’ his last record on earth.

Tom Petty Loved And Supported The Byrds

Throughout his music career, Tom Petty made sure The Byrds’ songs lived on outside of their band career. With his band, The Heartbreakers, Tom had covered The Byrds’ ‘I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better’ and ‘So You Wanna Be a Rock ’n’ Roll Star.’ He appreciated their influence on his career.

Helping Chris with his 2017 album was one of the most important things in Chris’ career. As he stated his love for the kind-hearted singer to Billboard by saying, “I loved Tom so much. He was such a blessing in my life,” he got emotional about the loss of the singer. “Tom touched everyone with his beautiful music,” he added, ensuring that people know his immense effect in the music industry.