Debbie Harry Reacts To The Cover Of Blondie’s ‘Rapture’ On ‘The Boys’

Blondie’s Debbie Harry came across Jensen Ackles’ cover of their song ‘Rapture’ on the series ‘The Boys’ and reacted to the rendition in a recent tweet.

‘Autoamerican,’ released in 1980, is the fifth studio album of Blondie. On January 12, 1981, they put out the album’s second and final single, ‘Rapture.’ A combination of new wave, disco, hip-hop, and rap music, ‘Rapture’ brought substantial commercial success for the band after its release.

Now airing on Amazon Prime, the superhero satire ‘The Boys’ also featured a cover version of Blondie’s song in season three. During the season, Jenson Ackles plays Soldier Boy, a character created during WWI to fight Nazis. In episode four, Soldier Boy is seen in a flashback, performing ‘Rapture’ on the TV show Solid Gold.

‘Rapture’s music video also made its US TV debut on Solid Gold on January 31, 1981. Moreover, it was the first rap video ever broadcast on MTV. In ‘The Boys’ version, the performance is shot in VCR-quality, making the music video straight out of that era.

Upon seeing the video of the recently posted song by ‘The Boys’ official Twitter account, Debbie Harry revealed her thoughts on this new recreation of her band’s timeless hit. Harry was impressed with the outcome as she described Ackles’ performance as ‘epic’ in her tweet.

Debbie Harry’s tweet read:

“Holy sh*t! Epic!”

You can check out Debbie Harry’s tweet and Jenson Ackles’ rendition of ‘Rapture’ below.