The Knack’s 5 Attempts To Create Hit Songs After ‘My Sharona’

The Knack, an American rock band formed in 1978, took the music world by storm with their debut single, ‘My Sharona.’ This catchy tune topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart and became an iconic symbol of new wave music. However, replicating that success proved to be a challenge for the band.

This article will take a look at The Knack’s five attempts to create hit songs after ‘My Sharona.’ We will examine each song’s unique sound, the lyrics, and why it may or may not have been successful. Get on board and fasten your belts!

1. Good Girls Don’t (1979)

Released as the second single from their debut album ‘Get The Knack,’ ‘Good Girls Don’t’ showcased the band’s talent for creating infectious pop-rock tunes. The song’s cheeky lyrics and catchy melody helped it reach number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but it ultimately failed to achieve the same level of success as ‘My Sharona.’

Despite its relatively modest chart performance, ‘Good Girls Don’t’ became one of The Knack’s most well-known songs. The band’s knack for combining power-pop melodies with a hint of rebellious attitude shone through in this track, making it a fan favorite and a staple of their live performances.

2. Heartbeat (1981)

Released in 1981 on their third studio album, ‘Round Trip,’ ‘Heartbeat’ was an attempt by The Knack to regain the momentum they had lost after their initial success. The song featured a danceable beat and a memorable chorus, seemingly poised to become a hit.

However, ‘Heartbeat’ failed to make a significant impact on the charts. The band’s sound, which had been so fresh and exciting just a few years prior, now seemed somewhat dated in comparison to the evolving musical landscape. Despite its catchy melody, ‘Heartbeat’ couldn’t recapture the magic of ‘My Sharona.’

3. Let Me Out (1979)

‘Let Me Out’ was another track from The Knack’s debut album, ‘Get The Knack.’ Although it wasn’t released as a single, the song garnered attention for its high-energy sound and infectious chorus. The track showcased the band’s ability to create catchy hooks and demonstrated their potential for crafting more hit songs.

Unfortunately, ‘Let Me Out’ never received the same level of recognition as ‘My Sharona’ or ‘Good Girls Don’t.’ The song remained an album cut, enjoyed mainly by dedicated fans of the band. Despite its relative obscurity, ‘Let Me Out’ highlighted The Knack’s musical prowess and served as a reminder of their early promise.

4. Baby Talks Dirty (1980)

‘Baby Talks Dirty’ was another single from The Knack’s second album, ‘…But The Little Girls Understand.’ The track featured a similar sound and structure to their earlier hits, with a driving rhythm and a catchy chorus. The band aimed to rekindle their earlier success by delivering another infectious pop-rock tune.

Sadly, ‘Baby Talks Dirty’ didn’t manage to reach the heights of ‘My Sharona.’ The song peaked at number 38 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, falling short of expectations. Critics and listeners alike began to view The Knack as a one-hit wonder, unable to replicate the success of their debut single.

5. Your Number Or Your Name (1979)

‘Your Number Or Your Name’ was a lesser-known track from ‘Get The Knack’ that showcased the band’s skill at crafting catchy power-pop tunes. The song’s infectious melody and sing-along chorus demonstrated their potential for creating more hit songs.

Still, like ‘Let Me Out,’ ‘Your Number Or Your Name’ never achieved mainstream success. The song remained an album cut, enjoyed mainly by dedicated fans. The Knack’s inability to produce another smash hit like ‘My Sharona’ left many wondering if they would ever be able to recapture their early success. Nevertheless, ‘Your Number Or Your Name’ remains a hidden gem for fans who appreciate The Knack’s unique blend of power-pop and new wave.

Bonus: My Sharona (1979)

Looking back at ‘My Sharona,’ it’s easy to see why it became such a massive hit. The song’s unforgettable guitar riff, catchy chorus, and infectious beat made it a standout track of its time, along with its background. The story behind ‘My Sharona’ was one of instant attraction and youthful infatuation.

It was inspired by lead singer Doug Fieger‘s romance with Sharona Alperin, a 17-year-old high school student at the time. Fieger, captivated by her charm, wrote the song as a tribute to their whirlwind relationship, and soon, ‘My Sharona’ became an anthem of the late ’70s, capturing the spirit of a generation with its addictive melody and raw energy.

Unfortunately, The Knack struggled to replicate the success of ‘My Sharona’ with their subsequent releases. Despite their best efforts, none of the songs mentioned in this article managed to achieve the same level of chart success or cultural impact.

Hit Or Not, It Doesn’t Matter

The Knack’s attempts to create hit songs after ‘My Sharona’ showcased their musical talent and their commitment to the power-pop sound. While they never quite managed to reach the same heights as their debut single, their other tracks still hold a special place in the hearts of fans who appreciate their unique blend of catchy melodies and rebellious attitude.