Doro Pesch Admits Lemmy Kilmister Saved Her Life

Doro Pesch recently revealed how metal music saved her life while discussing her career with Loudwire. She said:

“Oh, I tell you, man, it saved my life many times. One time, I was really really sad because my dad, whom I love so much. I had such a cool dad. He was a truck driver, and he was my best friend and when he died after he was sick for a long time, I was totally like, man, it hit me so hard and I wasn’t sure if I would go on and then I got a phone call from Lemmy of Motorhead…”

The rocker continued, telling how Kilmister had an offer she couldn’t refuse:

“We always were friends and he called me one day later after it happened and I picked up the phone and I said, ‘Hey man, I’m not doing so well. My dad, he passed away yesterday.’ He said, ‘Doro, I heard that. Let’s do something together.’ I said, ‘I don’t know if I want to do anything,’ and he said, ‘Come, we do something, we do something in the studio.’ And a couple of weeks later, I flew to LA and we did our first duet.”

Pesch further recalled how her time with the Motörhead frontman went:

“Actually my first duet was with Lemmy and it was an old classic which I love so much, ‘Love Me Forever,’ it’s a Motorhead classic. And then Lemmy wrote another song called ‘Alone Again,’ and we recorded the two songs in the studio and spent weeks and weeks together.”

She added:

“He was definitely, yeah, he was an angel to me. He saved me and he made sure that I would be in a good mind frame and I had great talks with him.”

Although it has been several years since Lemmy passed away, the frontman appears to live on through his friends’ and peers’ memories; most recently a tribute center was opened in Kilmister’s name where his personal and stage wear was put on display. Check out here to see the full details.