Nita Strauss Says Steve Vai Was The Reason Why She Started Playing Guitar In The First Place


The touring guitarist for Alice Cooper along with a successful career as a solo artist, Nita Strauss opened up about the musician who influenced her to start playing the guitar during an interview with The Sessions Panel, and apparently, it was Steve Vai in the movie, ‘Crossroads.’

As you might remember, Crossroads is a coming-of-age musical drama movie which was released in 1986 and was inspired by the legend of blues musician Robert Johnson, starring the legendary guitarist Steve Vai on the soundtrack’s guitar in addition to appearing in the film as the devil’s guitar player in the climactic guitar duel.

During a recent interview, Nita Strauss opened up about the first influence she has heavily inspired by when it comes to playing the guitar as a young musician, and apparently, it was Steve Vai in the movie ‘Crossroads’ due to the fact that he was playing the guitar so effortlessly that Strauss was mesmerized by Vai.

In addition to revealing her first-ever influence as a guitarist, Nita Strauss also revealed a fact about her guitar playing stating that she wants young guitar players just as she felt when she first saw Steve Vai, like she’s having the fun and time of her life.

Here is what Strauss said:

No. 1 for me was Steve Vai. He was the reason why I started doing what I was doing, and I saw the movie ‘Crossroads’ that Steve was in. And when I saw that scene at the end of crossroads when Steve is doing this guitar battle with Ralph Macchio, The Karate Kid – it’s so unrealistic now watching it back but I just remember being so struck by the effortlessness of Steve Vai’s playing, and the joy, and fun that he exudes in his performance, in his guitar playing.

It was so technical, and so over the top, and so much faster and more interesting than any guitar playing that I had ever heard to that point. But more than the technicality, it just struck me that that looked fun. I hope that I can have in my playing, in my performance some semblance of that joy that Vai has in his, to make young guitar players go: ‘Man, that looks like fun, I want to do that.’

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