David Lee Roth Shares His Conditions To Get Back On Stage


After David Lee Roth‘s retirement announcement, his final shows recently got canceled without a specific reason. DLR’s manager recently got in touch with EW and announced that DLR would be willing to do some shows in the future if it’s to benefit certain organizations.

Diamond Dave decided to retire from touring in late 2021 and announced his farewell tour dates. Because the shows were a huge success and quickly sold out, the singer decided to extend his residency in Las Vegas and added new dates to say goodbye to his fans. However, those dates recently got canceled without an explanation.

Although the speculations were leaning towards the impact of Covid-19, DLR remained silent about it, just like he was when he announced his retirement. It was apparent that the singer was reluctant to retire, but according to his doctors, he should if he wants to have a long future ahead of him.

His friend and bandmate Eddie Van Halen’s death and the closed-door on Van Halen’s reunion probably impacted his decision and encouraged his retirement. Following the announcement of his canceled shows, Roth posted a new artwork on Twitter saying, ‘A funny thing happened on the way to Las Vegas.’ More recently, his manager got in touch with EW and made a sad statement using the words ‘win’ and ‘lose’ possibly concerning the pandemic. He also stated Diamond Dave’s conditions for going on stage again.

Here is what DLR announced via his manager:

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, we got rained out. Covid canceled.

Future shows? When the benefit concerts for Colorado, Farm Aid, and hospital workers ‘everywhere’ come up; Call me.”

Even though Roth is reluctant to get off stage, it seems like he feels the need to. It doesn’t look like DLR will be performing as a career act from now on but would be happy to get on stage for benefit concerts for ‘Colorado,’ ‘Farm Aid,’ and ‘Hospital Workers.’