David Lee Roth Recalls Van Halen’s Reunion Story Which Ends With A Crew Member Dying

Former Van Halen vocalist, David Lee Roth, recently posted a series of new caricatures on his Twitter account and continued the story of Jimmy II, the guy who worked as the band’s security, while revealing the details of Van Halen’s 2006 reunion during which they lost one of their crew members.

As you know, David Lee Roth is one of the most famous frontmen in rock history and he’s best known for his on-and-off tenure with Van Halen; from 1974 to 1985, then again in 1996, and finally from 2006 to their disbandment in 2020. However, his musical genius is not the only reason why Roth has been making it to the headlines of rock news.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Diamond Dave has started working on his visual artwork and for the past week, he’s been telling his fans an interesting story through his caricatures. He began telling the story by talking about the time he started his own radio show as a replacement for Howard Stern’s show and got fired after four months. However, fate had different plans for him as soon after that, he joined Van Halen for the reunion tour.

Van Halen had hired a security guard named Jimmy, who was an ex-cop. He was fired though, as he was caught stealing and he blamed David Lee Roth for what happened to him and left his job while threatening Roth that he’ll one day get back at him. Following that, Jimmy II arrived which Roth described as the identical twin of the original Jimmy. Jimmy II would go around and try to sell drugs to everyone and he’s the one that came up with Roth’s nickname Diamond Dave.

In his recent caricatures, Roth talked about how he felt the need to wear a ‘fruit suit’ – a suit with his pockets sewn shut – near Jimmy II because he might attempt to put something in his pockets and then call the police on him. Jimmy II stuck around with the band while touring to five cities but couldn’t buy or sell anything. At some point, he got diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly after that, but according to Diamond Dave, ‘Jimmy went back to Philly and died of boredom.’

Here’s what David Lee Roth said in his first sketch:



‘Across 11 St.’

‘New Jack City’

‘Training Day’

A Good strong dick grab says it all; no words needed… Reverse left-hand dick grab.”

This is what was depicted in the second one:


‘Acting’ Black requires an audience. It is a form of lying…

‘Pretending’ to be Black is ‘Okay.’ That’s something all races do when James Brown comes on the radio.”

Here’s the content of the third one:

“I have to wear a ‘fruit suit’ around him…

A ‘fruit suit’ is a new cheapy with pockets left sewn shut.

This prevents nut jobs and fruit cakes from leaving a little something-something in your pockets… Something that may be discovered later.

‘Excuse me sir, I’d like to ask you a few questions.'”

This is what he said in the last one:

“Jimmy II burst in on me in 5 different cities. He fails to buy or sell anything and evaporates word around campfire, he suddenly died of cancer.

Douche-Bag Heaven, No vacancy.

More likely, Jimmy went back to Philly and died of boredom. Why Philly? Stay tuned…”

You can check out DLR’s new artwork below.