Sebastian Bach Makes Peace With Stryper’s Michael Sweet

KISS Kruise aims to reunite KISS members, but it seems like it also brought Sebastian Bach and Michael Sweet together. The two have been feuding for a long time, and Bach was counting the days to see Sweet in person. They finally had a chance to come face to face, but only to bury the hatchet.

Sebastian Bach’s label Frontiers asked Michael Sweet to produce Bach’s album. It didn’t go well, and Sweet mentioned this in an interview. This got on Bach’s nerves, so he asked Sweet to shut his ‘big mouth.’ Tensions continued to build after the Stryper guitarist called Bach a “tool,” and Bach threateningly said he couldn’t wait to see Sweet in person one day.

The 2022 edition of KISS Kruise brought the two on stage, and Bach finally met Michael Sweet for the first time since their dispute. He got his microphone and introduced Sweet to the audience. To the fans’ surprise, the musician said rock and roll brought them together, and life is too short for a feud.

“In the spirit of rock and roll music,” Sebastian Bach said on stage. “We’ve only got one life, we’re lucky to be here — from our Lord Jesus, God, I’m being totally serious right now. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome to the stage Mr. Michael Sweet of Stryper. Rock ‘n’ roll brings us together; that’s what rock and roll does. Let’s hear it right now. Life is too short!”

The internet happened,” Bach said when Metal Edge’s Paul Gargano asked what happened between the two. “Every single headline is, this guy said this about this guy, this guy said this about this guy. It’s not about the new record or the new video. It’s about this guy who called this guy a name. Everybody reads sh*t about themselves online that they don’t like, and then they say something back. So, it never ends.”

Sweet then continued, “You know, one thing said is maybe misconstrued or misunderstood, another thing is said in retaliation, then it heats up, people start fueling the fire, and it just becomes a nightmare. That’s what happened. It went on for a long time, and today was the day that we put all that aside, buried the hatchet, and said, ‘This is stupid.’”

So, although Sebastian Bach was the one who had a threatening approach toward Michael Sweet, it seems like he believed in rock and roll’s way of bringing everyone together. During the show, the two performed KISS’ version of ‘God Gave Rock N’ Roll To You’ and Van Halen’s hit ‘Ain’t Talking Bout Love.’