The Rumors About Kid Rock Being Hank Williams Jr.’s Illegitimate Son

When it comes to the world of fame, it’s inevitable not to hear rumors about your favorite musicians and celebrities. This scenario also applies to the rock rapper Kid Rock. Known for mixing rock, hip-hop, and country music, Rock has been a topic of unexpected rumor over the years, which suggests that he is the illegitimate son of the country musician Hank Williams Jr.

When it comes to how this rumor first came up, it seems that it started when the two first met and collaborated on the song, ‘Redneck Paradise.’ After the collaboration, the two became close friends, and the rumor suddenly spread.

Well, is the rumor true? No. Although Williams jokingly referred to Rock as his ‘rebel son,’ the two singers have different family backgrounds, and they are only friends and collaborators.

The rumor had spread so much that Williams Jr. needed to give an answer by putting a statement on his official website under ‘frequently asked questions.’ He wrote:

“The answer is NO! They are just really good friends. Kid Rock named himself Hank’s rebel son.”

The rumor even led Williams Jr.’s son, Hank Williams III, to mention the incident in one of his songs. Entitled ‘Not Everybody Likes Us,’ the musician sang:

“And just so you know, so it’s set in stone. Kid Rock don’t come from where I come from. Yeah, it’s true, he’s a yank, he ain’t no son of Hank. And if you thought so, goddamn, you’re f*cking dumb.”

It is uncertain who came up with the rumor, but despite the official explanations, it still seems to be around.

You can hear ‘Redneck Paradise’ down below.