David Lee Roth Paints The Devastating Effects Of The Climate Change


Former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing another painting of his and this time, it’s more confusing than ever. Despite the majority of fans think the painting is about the Dixie Fire since the only word written on the artwork is ‘Dixie,’ there are also a number of fans who aren’t sure what they are looking at.

As many of you know by now, Diamond Dave has numerous skills under his sleeve since he isn’t just a vocalist, he’s also a visual artist who mainly has paintings and drawings with a theme of social commentary. For the past few weeks, Roth has been painting abstract artworks that are mostly related to climate change and the effects of global warming.

Two weeks ago, the former Van Halen frontman shared another painting on his official Twitter page and filed a discussion among his fans. While there were numerous people who thought the painting was an evolved version of the American flag, there were also a number of fans who thought the meaning of the artwork is related to climate change.

Following the release of another painting, it was crystal clear that David Lee Roth has been focusing on drawing attention to climate change with his artwork. This new painting was about the global water crisis as Roth stated water is nowhere to be found in his work and his fans appreciate the thoughtful aspect of his brilliant paintings.

Recently, Diamond Dave shared another post on his official Twitter page revealing another painting related to a current disaster, the Dixie Fire. The fire began in the Feather River Canyon on July 13 and has burned thousands of acres since then. By July 23, it had become the largest wildfire of the 2021 California fire season and by August 6 it had grown to become the largest single wildfire in the state’s history.

Some fans instantly realized it was about the fires since David Lee Roth decided to use grey colors to depict the effects of the devastating fire in addition to painting a fire in the middle of his work of art. However, there were also a number of fans who didn’t understand the reference and thought it’s another painting that’s related to the coronavirus pandemic which is most likely a false assumption considering the fact that Roth has been constantly painting about climate change.

A fan commented on the painting:

“A beautiful representation of the devastating effects of the ‘Dixie’ fire.”

Another fan thought the painting is about the pandemic:

“Given the title, I would interpret this as a reflection on the pandemic crisis. INTERESTING.”

You can see the Twitter post below.