David Lee Roth Had ‘Palimony Insurance’ In Case He Got A Groupie Pregnant, His Ex-Girlfriend Says

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth’s ex-girlfriend and actress Apollonia Koreto shared exclusive details about her relationship with the lead singer back then. She also unveiled whether Roth had palimony insurance not to pay millions of dollars to the pregnant groupies in her recent interview with Vlad TV.

As one of the most famous and handsome frontmen of all time, David Lee Roth was desired by many people who were generally his fans and groupies that followed him worldwide. The frontman recalled those times saying that he had sex with every beautiful woman he saw in one of his previous interviews. However, he didn’t pursue relationships with most of them.

On the other hand, Apollonia Koreto stated that her relationship with David Lee Roth was very intimate, respectful, and old-fashioned, even though it didn’t last long due to their busy schedules and careers. Koreto wanted to focus on her career as an actress and singer, especially after she gained recognition thanks to ‘Purple Rain’ as Prince’s co-star while Roth was hitting the rock stage with his iconic performances.

During her latest interview, Koreto also talked about Roth’s precautions against pregnant groupies who would demand money from him as part of Palimony, a form of financial support that a partner can receive at the end of the relationship. The actress revealed that David Lee Roth had insurance to get rid of paying money to them, and his ex-girlfriend described the frontman insuring his penis like a great thing.

In Koreto’s words, she said:

“We didn’t ride away. We dated for about three months. We saw each other quite a bit. It took a while for us to be intimate. He was very respectful and introduced me to his parents so it was like old-fashioned dating. We weren’t going steady, we would see each other whenever we had time for one another.

When we were together, it was exclusive but when we were friends, he was on the road traveling and I was doing my thing. So I never expected to have him as just my boyfriend. He was dating the world. He had palimony insurance in case some girl became pregnant. He was insured. It’s like Mary Hart insuring her legs so he had that. Insured his penis. I think it’s great.”

You can check out the interview below.