David Gilmour Records Something New With His Daughter Romany


Polly Samson recently posted a picture of her husband David Gilmour and their daughter Romany Gilmour on her Instagram account. As seen in the picture, Gilmour is working on recording new material with his daughter.

Following Pink Floyd’s disbandment, David Gilmour has focused on his solo music career and spent most of his time with his family. The guitarist always tried to support his children’s interest in music throughout the years and hoped to make music with them one day.

Eventually, Gilmour ended up including his adopted son Charlie’s voice at the end of the song ‘High Hopes’ and making his youngest son Gabriel play the piano in ‘In Any Tongue.’ Besides, the guitarist also recorded one song with his daughter Romany, titled ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts.’

As Gilmour isn’t a frequent social media user, his wife Polly Samson usually lets fans know what the guitarist is up to via her social media posts. At the beginning of 2021, she started a series labeled ‘Something in my eye’ on her Instagram and has shared a new photo of the Gilmour family now and then.

Polly shared a picture of Gilmour and Guy Pratt in the studio in a previous post. This led to rumors about some new music material among the fans. Though the allegations aren’t confirmed, Samson excited the Pink Floyd icon’s fans once again. In her recent IG post, she posted a picture of Gilmour and his daughter Romany in the studio. Upon seeing this, fans got quite excited about a new release from the father and daughter.

Samson simply captioned the post as follows:


A fan commented:

Something is coming.”

Below, you can check out the picture Polly Samson included in her IG post.

Photo Credit: Polly Samson – Instagram