Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Sings ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts’ With His Daughter Romany

British rock band Pink Floyd‘s frontman David Gilmour shared a video on his Twitter account, in which he was singing ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts‘ along with his 19-year-old daughter Romany and added that the video was recorded specially for the Mountains to Sea Book Festival.

The legendary rock star married the novelist Polly Samson in 1994 and they had four children, Romany Gilmour being the youngest. David Gilmour had always wanted to include his children in his music one way or another. His adopted son talked on the phone at the end of ‘High Hopes’ and Gabriel, his youngest son played the piano in ‘In Any Tongue.

In addition, his family is very much involved with music as his daughter Romany Gilmour plays the harp and they released the song ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts‘ in 2020. The collaboration was Gilmour’s first musical work in five years and he worked with his daughter and his wife as the songwriter.

Gilmour confirmed that the song was going to be his solo work but due to COVID-19, he had to cancel the sessions with the back singers. However, he also stated that he was really happy with the outcome and glad that he got to work with his daughter. In the tweet, he said that the video was recorded for a book festival earlier this year.

Here is what he said in his tweet:

“Watch David and Romany Gilmour’s special performance of Yes, I Have Ghosts, recorded for the Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival earlier this year.”

Check out the original tweet below.