David Gilmour Leaves The Door Open For Pink Floyd’s Live Shows

David Gilmour recently spoke to Britpop for an interview during which he revealed it is possible to see Pink Floyd doing live shows.

In March, David Gilmour posted a tweet to reveal his stance on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. In the tweet, Gilmour pointed out that both sides of the war would inevitably suffer since there won’t be any winners in this devastating war.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian musician Andriy Khlyvnyuk stopped touring and returned to Ukraine to defend his country from Russia. He then sang a Ukrainian song titled ‘The Red Viburnum In The Meadow’ and recorded himself singing it. The video then went viral, and Gilmour also came across it.

After watching the video, Gilmour thought there might be something Pink Floyd could also do for the ongoing war. He thought of working on a Pink Floyd song that featured Andriy Khlyvnyuk’s singing and approached Nick Mason to work together. They then reunited for the song ‘Hey Hey, Rise Up!’

Since Pink Floyd fans didn’t see the band on the stage for a long time, they got pretty excited about the possibility of watching them on the stage again. Speaking to Britpop, Gilmour stated that they haven’t thought of doing more live shows, but it’s possible. So, fans can expect Pink Floyd to perform live again.

During the conversation, David Gilmour said the following:

“We haven’t even thought about doing live shows, but I suppose it’s a possibility. I haven’t done one in such a long time, but who knows. I don’t know.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.