Ted Nugent Says He Helps Humanity With His ‘Positive Force’

Rock veteran Ted Nugent reflected on his music’s effect on people during one of his live streams on his official YouTube channel. If you ask him, the musician helps humanity by bringing more happiness, joy, and spirituality via his music and live streams.

Ted Nugent’s latest studio album entitled ‘The Music Made Me Do It’ was released on November 9, 2018. Three years after its release, the musician announced his upcoming sixteenth album named ‘Detroit Muscle.’ In his following live streams, Nugent also revealed the tracklisting, the musicians he worked with, and parts of the songs on the album.

Although the album was initially set to be released before the winter of last year, Nugent only released his singles named ‘Come and Take It’ and ‘American Campfire’ as the record itself is now scheduled to be released in April. ‘Come and Take It’ has over 360k views on Nugent’s official YouTube channel, whereas the latter gained more than 20k views as it was shared on YouTube 12 days ago.

Even though Ted Nugent often speaks about controversial matters during his live streams, the rocker has also been focusing on his new music as his album is set to be released in a few months. In a recent Facebook live stream, the musician reminded his fans of his two singles, both of which are ready to be streamed via platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.

In addition to promoting his singles, Nugent touched upon the effects of his music by saying that the spirit of his songs can make vegans crave meat. According to Ted, he helps humankind with the positive force of his songs, which bring enjoyment, satisfaction, and spirituality, besides his live streams.

While mentioning his new music, Nugent said:

“I remind you, you can get my new songs off the Ted Nugent ‘Detroit Muscle’ album. Get them right now. I don’t know how you do this Spotify or iTunes, I don’t know how you do this, but you can get ‘American Campfire,’ which is a son of a bitch, and ‘Come and Take It.’ It’ll make your truck go faster. It’ll make your vegan friends crave flesh. That’s what I do. I help mankind. I’m a positive force. I bring more happiness, more fulfillment, more spirituality to my fellow man.”

You can watch the live stream and listen to the mentioned songs below.