David Gilmour Calls Out Russian Soldiers, ‘There Will Be No Winners In This War’

Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour recently posted a tweet to send a peace message to Russian soldiers. In his statement, the musician pointed out that both sides would suffer in the end since there won’t be any winners in this devastating war.

Russia recently launched an attack on Ukraine by land, air, and sea. On the other hand, Ukraine, a republic consisting of 44 million people willing to sacrifice their lives to protect their country, tries relentlessly to solve the issue without shedding any blood.

Hundreds of Ukrainians, both civilians and soldiers, have already died in Putin’s war, and civilians are rushing to shelters as bombs rain down upon their cities. Although Russia has received a huge backlash from almost every country, it seems like they are not willing to stop shattering the peace.

In a recent tweet, David Gilmour joined the ones who are opposed to the Russia-Ukraine war and posted a video of his song ‘In Any Tongue.’ The song belongs to his 2015 album ‘Rattle That Lock,’ and it contains anti-war lyrics written by his wife Polly Samson.

In the tweet, Gilmour shouted out to Russian soldiers and asked them to stop killing their brothers as there won’t be any winners in this war. He then stated that his daughter-in-law is Ukrainian, and his granddaughters want to visit Ukraine before it gets all destroyed. Gilmour then ended his words by saying that ‘Putin must go.’

David Gilmour’s tweet read:

“Russian soldiers, stop killing your brothers. There will be no winners in this war. My daughter-in-law is Ukrainian and my granddaughters want to visit and know their beautiful country. Stop this before it is all destroyed. Putin must go.”

Below, you can check out Gilmour’s tweet and listen to the song ‘In Any Tongue.’