David Gilmour Explains How Pink Floyd Decided To Reunite For A New Song

David Gilmour recently joined BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce for an interview and revealed how a new single brought Pink Floyd back together again.

At the beginning of March, David Gilmour posted a tweet to show his support for Ukrainians who have been trying to defend their country against Russia’s unstoppable attack. He revealed his stance about this devastating war and asked Russian soldiers to stop killing their brothers in a battle with no winners.

Recently, Andriy Khlyvnyuk of BoomBox ended his ongoing tour and returned to his country to defend it from the Russian forces. He then posted a video of himself singing the Ukrainian song ‘The Red Viburnum In The Meadow’ on social media. After that, this video went viral, and it even touched David Gilmour’s heart.

In the interview with BBC Radio’s Ken Bruce, David Gilmour said that Andriy Khlyvnyuk’s singing struck him, and he thought there might be something they could do about the ongoing war in Ukraine. He then said this war is terrible in today’s world as a significant power like Russia is attacking a small nation like Ukraine.

Gilmour said he wanted to make some new music with Andriy Khlyvnyuk’s singing. The guitarist then stated he thought of approaching Nick Mason to put this song as Pink Floyd after he began working on it in the studio. According to Gilmour, Nick said he’d love to do this, and that’s how Pink Floyd reunited for a song.

During the conversation, David Gilmour said the following:

“There was a clip of Andriy Khlyvnyuk in a square in Kyiv that was brought to my attention. He was singing this lovely song in Ukrainian, a completely acapella. It struck me that there was something we could do here, you know, because this whole war is a very frustrating and terrible thing to be happening in the modern world today, with a major power like that attacking a small independent nation.

Anyway, it struck me that we could make some music with this. I started working on it in my studio and trying to turn it into something. I thought that it would be great if we could put this out as Pink Floyd, and I called Nick. I said, ‘Hey, Nick, do you want to come and play on a track for Ukraine, and we’ll put it out?’ He said, ‘I’m thrilled. I’d love to!’ That’s where it all started.”

Below, you can listen to the interview and the new Pink Floyd song ‘Hey Hey Rise Up.’