Steve Vai Shares The Song He’s Afraid To Perform But John Frusciante Successfully Played

Guitar World gathered 28 notable guitar players, including Steve Vai, Nita Strauss, Joe Satriani, and Cory Wong, to learn about their favorite John Frusciante guitar moments. Vai’s favorite performance by Frusciante is also the one he’s afraid to play.

In the rock music world, John Frusciante is a widely acclaimed guitarist with his distinctive style, drawing influences from rock, blues, modern electronic music, and new wave. Although Jimi Hendrix heavily inspires him, his brilliant guitar playing actually comes from his diverse musical tastes. He is very open-minded in this respect, significantly contributing to his unique instrument approach.

Frusciante’s first album with Red Hot Chili Peppers, ‘Unlimited Love,’ after returning to the band in 2019, arrived on April 1, 2022. His comeback immediately showed itself in the group’s sound and spirit. The album received great praise for the magic guitar work of John Frusciante. Many reviews asserted that the guitarist’s return brought a new breath into the band’s creative output.

Guitar World sat down with some prominent guitar players to learn their thoughts on Frusciante’s playing style and their favorite moments of him. Steve Vai revealed that his favorite performance from Frusciante is Frank Zappa’s ‘Inca Roads,’ which the guitarist played live. Vai also said he was always afraid to perform that part while playing with Zappa, yet he thinks John Frusciante did a great job on this very challenging piece.

His favorite moment from John Frusciante in Steve Vai’s words:

“John has always been an MVP in any band he performs with. He always writes the perfect part, and his passion for vintage recording gear captures his tone magnificently. Perhaps one of my favorite performances by him is an obscure one, ‘Inca Roads’ by Frank Zappa, performed solo live. Anyone who can play it is a Jedi boss! I never had to play that part when I was with Frank, thank goodness.”

You can watch John Frusciante performing ‘Inca Roads’ live below.