David Ellefson On Dave Mustaine Not Contacting To Him After Megadeth Exit

During a new chat with The Metal Voice at the NAMM convention in Anaheim, California, former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson opened up about his relationship with Dave Mustaine following his departure from the band, revealing that Mustaine has not reached out to him since his exit.

When asked about any contact from Mustaine post-departure, the musician stated:

“No. No, absolutely not. No, he has not reached out.”

Reflecting On Megadeth Days

Despite the fallout, Ellefson expressed a sense of nostalgia for his time with the band, saying:

“Of course. I mean, look, it’s my band, too. I helped start it. But let me be clear. There are things about it, of course, that I miss — the fans, the performances, the shows. And I enjoy the touring.”

The rocker later called himself a ‘road warrior’ and shared his love for the touring life with a band. Yet, he admitted that times with Megadeth weren’t always great, especially when the band wasn’t very popular.

Challenges And Controversies

Ellefson’s tenure with Megadeth was not without its challenges, particularly as the band navigated periods of lesser popularity. His exit came under controversial circumstances nearly three years ago following the leak of private conversations that led to a public scandal. This incident marked another chapter in the already rocky relationship between Ellefson and Mustaine.

The bassist recalled the moment of his firing, detailing a call from Mustaine, his manager, and his lawyer after the scandal in an interview with Metal Hammer last month. He noted:

“Dave, his manager, and his lawyer [called me after the scandal]. There was a sentiment from one of them saying, ‘Let’s step back, let Ellefson deal with it. It leaves the door open for him to come back.’ Dave didn’t want that. He made his decision, and it is what it is.”

Despite missing his time with Megadeth, Ellefson said he’s content with his life now, still creating music he likes and performing with new bands he’s formed after leaving Megadeth.

You can watch his full interview below.