The Pop Singer Who Refused To Sing A Def Leppard Song With Joe Elliott

As Def Leppard is one of the greatest and best-selling music artists in the rock scene, many musicians would jump on the opportunity to perform the iconic band. However, it seems like pop star Taylor Swift is not one of them, as she once almost turned down thechancey to sing with lead vocalist Joe Elliott.

In 2009, Def Leppard collaborated with then-teenager Taylor Swift for an episode of CMT’s ‘Crossroads.’ The show had a brilliant concept since it brought different music genres on the stage and made musicians perform each other’s songs. During an episode, Joe Elliott shared the vocals with the young country star. Let’s see the details and how the performance was almost ruined.

Taylor Swift Refused To Sing A Sexy Line In A Def Leppard Song

Although the combination was unexpected, many fans loved seeing Def Leppard and Taylor Swift together. However, the performance might have been canceled due to Swift’sproblem. ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me‘s lyrics included a line that can be described as dirty and written from a male perspective.

At the time, Taylor Swift was America’s sweetheart, and the 17-year-old musician wasn’t willing to sing those lines. During an interview with Rolling Stone back in 2018, frontman Joe Elliott looked back on when the band performed with the pop star and revealed that he enjoyed doing the project with Swift.

In addition to this, the Def Leppard singer stated that the rehearsals went great as since everybody had prepared for their parts. While noting that there weren’t any difficulties, Elliott also mentioned that Taylor Swift caused a little trouble when she refused to sing the lyrics because they were a little problematic.

Joe Elliot’s statement during the interview goes:

“Getting hooked in with Taylor was great. She was 17 years old. We were more than willing to do this. We got a new record just out. It was a bit of fun. It was a four-day project. It was two days of rehearsals. It was two shows and everybody did their homework. We turned up knowing all the chords, knowing all the lyrics.

There weren’t really any difficulties. There were a couple of moments where we sat down, me and Taylor sat down, and she says, ‘I can’t sing that line,’ ’cause it was a bit too risqué, in ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me.’ So we’d swap things around.”

Fortunately, Def Leppard didn’t mind changing the lyrics for the country singer to perform, and their collaboration was unexpectedly thrilling to watch. Since the Crossroads performance, Taylor Swift has turned into a ‘rock star’ herself, and Joe Elliot didn’t forget to mention what a successful musician she has become now.

You can watch the performance below.