David Ellefson Considers Elon Musk And Mark Zuckerberg The Real Rockstars

David Ellefson recently talked to Jasta Show and compared ‘today’s rock stars to ‘former’ rock stars. He also revealed whether rockers were now ‘undervalued.’

Former Megadeth bassist first mentioned how, although rockers could find success, they had no influence in society, saying:

“What I find more and more, and you probably do, too, is that there’s a lot of bands that we all know that, while they may have some success, there’s not a connection to the fabric of the society.”

He continued by stating how rock stars used to be under the excessive spotlight, a contrast to today:

“I grew up in a day, just being an example, where these guys were heroes, they were icons. If you went to a mall and saw Yngwie or Ritchie Blackmore, you’d go, ‘Holy fuck, that’s fucking Richie Blackmore!’ You would know who that is.”

The rocker added, stating how things had drastically changed:

“I feel like you could go to the food court of any mall today and you wouldn’t know if fucking XYZ band walked in because they’re all kind of anonymous.”

Then, Ellefson answered who might be the real rock stars of our times:

“It may be Elon Musk and Zuckerberg — they’re like the frickin’ KISS of our generation, these guys. [Laughs] So people are into different things now other than music. When you and I were growing up, being a rock star was the ultimate. Now it’s like, ‘Eh, whatever, put a song on, any song.”

Musk and Zuckerberg had made headlines when the pair revealed their wishes to participate in a cage fight, against one another. Then, although both Musk and Zuckerberg called off the fight and recently stated how their ‘feud’ wasn’t serious,  the two CEOs had already been in a cold-techno war, as their platforms, X and Meta, respectively, are competing against one another in the market.