David Draiman Responds To Criticism Over His Chester Bennington Tribute

On the 6th anniversary of Chester Bennington’s death, David Draiman took to social media to pay tribute to the late singer. But his posts received mixed reactions on Twitter, with some not being in favor of his tributes.

A few fans on the platform criticized Linkin Park members for not sharing anything about Bennington’s death anniversary on July 20 through a mention. During the chat, a user pointed out that a few artists, including Draiman, remembered him on his death day.

In response, another person wrote:

“David Draiman, yes, on IG, with a nice Devil’s Horns hand sign to go with it. They tell you which club they belong to.”

Then, the Disturbed frontman asked:

“And what ‘club’ is that? Chester was a dear friend of mine, and I miss him very very much.”

Upon this, a fan mentioned that ‘Devil’s Horns’ had many meanings. So, the singer explained:

“‘Devil horns’ have only two meanings to me… 1. As a symbol of hard rock and heavy metal. 2. Warding off the evil eye, as Ronnie James Dio explained. Any other interpretation is pure fantasy, in my honest opinion. Chester was more than worthy.”

Paying tribute to the late Linkin Park vocalist, David Draiman shared a picture of him and Bennington on Instagram with a caption saying ‘brothers forever.’ While he posted about him on Twitter, the singer also remembered Chris Cornell by tweeting:

“I miss them both so very much. Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell. Rest in power, my brothers. Your legacies will live on forever.”

You can read the Disturbed vocalist’s tribute tweets and recent chat below.