Mark Knopfler Addresses Dire Straits’ Mistakes: ‘You Don’t Want To Know About’

In a Q&A session at Christie’s Guitar Auction, Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits responded to questions about his career, music, and past errors. At one point during the session, the rock musician revealed a particular song that contained mistakes that even he preferred not to remember.

When asked if there were any songs that he would look back on and say the choice of guitar or sound was not right, he approved and named one song with the mistake ‘you don’t want to know about.’ He said:

“Yeah. Oh God, yeah, and the keys, all sorts of horrible things you don’t wanna know about. I remember there is a song called ‘Why Worry,’ we used to call it ‘Why Bother.’ It was just too damn high for me. So you make those mistakes, but you make them in public, and then you just get so used, you’ve just gotta quit worrying about it and get on with it.”

Knopfler Thinks There Are Many Mistakes In Dire Straits Records

In addition to his music career, Knopfler also worked as a producer for a certain time in his life.

As a producer in his own capacity, the guitarist possesses clear opinions on how musicians should collaborate in the studio. And when it comes to his own music, he is aware that he and his band have made some mistakes — but apparently, it’s never enough mistakes to take lessons from. In an earlier interview, he stated:

“If you’ve got a suitable studio and a band that’s good enough, then I think it’s a good idea to record things together, so you can play off each other. The recording process encourages you to go for perfect performances each time, but mistakes on record start to sound good after a while. There are piles of mistakes on Dire Straits’ records… but probably not enough! I could point out mistakes in just about everything.”

Having taken lessons from his own experiences, the rocker makes sure that no other band he works with makes the same mistakes he did during his earlier days.

You can watch the Q&A below.