David Draiman Blasts Disturbed Fans Over Taylor Swift: ‘Shut Up!’

During a recent Disturbed concert in Peoria, Illinois, David Draiman took a stand against fans who looked down on Taylor Swift.

In a video that has since gone viral on TikTok, the singer invited two fathers and their 12-year-old daughters to join him on stage, celebrating their choice to attend a rock concert. Addressing the young fans, he said:

“So I take it that you came to the Disturbed concert, as opposed to the Taylor Swift concert, means that your parents are raising you on rock and roll. Hey, don’t forget: Taylor Swift still kicks a**.”

Audience Reaction And Draiman’s Stand

When his words led to some boos from the audience, the musician continued:

“You know what? I will stand up and applaud any pop artist that gets up on stage and sings live and plays a guitar live in front of a whole group of f*cking thousands of girls and guys, young fans.”

A History Of Supporting Swift

This incident is similar to a moment from a November 2023 concert, where Draiman defended Swift to a fan who seemed out of place at a Disturbed show. The frontman humorously acknowledged the difference between his band and Swift’s music but was quick to scold boos from the crowd, stating:

“Shut the f*ck up. Taylor Swift kicks f*cking a**.”

Draiman On Swift’s Songwriting Mastery

The rocker’s admiration for Swift isn’t a new development. In an August 2023 interview with WMMR in Philadelphia, he expressed his respect for Swift’s songwriting skills and even. Draiman noted:

“I think that she is one of the most prolific songwriters of our generation. I think she is insanely talented. I’d love to collaborate with Taylor if she ever wanted to, on any given day. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I think she’s a brilliant woman. I think she’s, like I said, one of the great songwriters of our time.”

Draiman also praised Taylor’s authenticity and live performances. He also mentioned other pop artists like Pink and Lady Gaga, who, like Swift. The vocalist emphasized his respect for these artists, particularly for Swift, acknowledging her as a top-tier musician in her field.

You can see the video where he defended Swift below.


Disturbed’s David defends Taylor Swift to his fans at tonights concert in Peoria, Il after bringing two 12 year olds up on stage to rock with them.

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