David Crosby Recalls Grace Slick Pointing A Gun At Him


Jefferson Airplane frontwoman Grace Slick posted a tweet about CSNY icon David Crosby and explained why she had a gun and almost shot him. Crosby also responded to Rhino Records’ official Twitter account’s tweet that wanted him to share his ideas about Slick and that crazy moment.

Slick and Crosby have been friends for a very long time and also they collaborated with each other for several musical projects over the years. As one of them, Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, and David Freiberg’s collaborative album entitled ‘Baron von Tollbooth & the Chrome Nun,’ which was featuring icons David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, The Pointer Sisters, and some other Jefferson Airplane musicians, in May 1973.

Crosby was on the album’s track ‘Ballad of the Chrome Nun’ vocals and his performance and harmony with the other musicians especially with Slick were appreciated a lot by rock music lovers. In addition, years later, Crosby didn’t forget to give credit to his old friend and defined her as ‘the queen of rock and a ceiling-shattering feminist counterculture icon’ by praising her talent in one of the interviews that he participated in.

In her recent tweet, Slick quoted from her words and revealed that one day she realized that someone broke into her house. Therefore, she took her gun and pointed it at the door, however, it turned out that the ‘intruder’ was David Crosby, and he said ‘Good girl’ without any fear. The Jefferson Airplane singer stated that she almost shot him by questioning his ‘good girl’ comment. Crosby later recalled that moment saying that she was scared but brave enough to defend herself.

Slick’s tweet read:

“In an interview, Grace shared how her home had been broken into: ‘I went upstairs…with the gun aimed at the door. David Crosby walks in but Crosby was real cool. He said: ‘Good girl.’ I said: ‘I damn near blew your head off! Whatta ya mean, good girl?’

Rhino Records responded:

“Wait what?”

Crosby added:

She was scared but brave.

You can check out the tweets and song below.