Ted Nugent Reflects On Neil Young And Joni Mitchell Standing Against Spotify


Ted Nugent spoke to The Nightly Nuge and shared his opinions about CSNY icon Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. He also talked about their recent decision about removing their music from the streaming platform Spotify after the authorities didn’t warn Joe Rogan due to his controversial podcast.

A short time ago, Neil Young sent a letter to his management team and record label which can be considered as an ultimatum to Spotify when he clearly stated he would remove his music if they didn’t take any action against Joe Rogan. Rogan’s popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, was criticized a lot after he hosted anti-vaxxer epidemiologist Dr. Robert Malone which led to 270 doctors, scientists, and healthcare professionals’ open letters to the platform.

Therefore, Young wanted the platform to choose either him or Rogan and Spotify didn’t do anything about Rogan’s podcast so Young’s songs started to be removed from the platform. In addition to the musician, his bandmates from CSNY, David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash released a statement to announce that they would support Young’s decision to stop misinformation. Then, the legendary folk-rock musician Joni Mitchell revealed that she would join them by removing her music.

Recently, Ted Nugent expressed his opinions about this ongoing feud between Young, his supporters, and Spotify saying that the CSNY legend himself is spreading misinformation as ‘a stoner birdbrain punk.’ Nugent highlighted that he has always respected Young and Mitchell’s contributions to the music industry even though he’s not a fan of them. According to The Handsome Devil, their words about Rogan are nothing but ‘stupid things.’

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“Well, Neil Young, God bless him. I’m sure that there are many people that appreciate Neil Young’s creativity and his talents and his creation of wonderful music for those people who love that kind of music. I’m not a big fan. I happen to know that he’s got a lot of soul… But now that I’ve praised him for all the positives, the guy is a complete punk.

If you’ve done that many mind-altering chemicals throughout your life, then you can proudly claim in one moment that you should be rocking in the free world but then in the next moment witness all the evidence supporting everything that Joe Rogan’s been saying, that I’ve been saying, the truth, logic and common sense, the indisputable evidence to support it, and then claim that we’re guilty of misinformation when actually the stoner birdbrain punk, he delivers misinformation.

He went on:

“So this is a funny moment because he made an ultimatum to Spotify — whatever that big tech is — and he said, ‘If you don’t take Joe Rogan off Spotify, then you have to take my music off Spotify.’ That’s a pretty decision, Neil. Thanks for making it so simple, because Neil Young on Spotify — adios, mofo. Now Joni Mitchell’s doing the same thing, and, again, God bless her.

I can’t stand folk music, but I know there are a lot of people that love that kind of stuff and I salute them and thank them. I appreciate any music that makes people happy and fortifies their American Dream, or whatever dream they might have. Is there another dream? I don’t think so. The Mexican Dream is to get the hell out and go to America.”

Young and Mitchell are saying things that are just stupid and again, with all due respect… I’m sure Joni… I’ve seen Joni Mitchell do interviews; she’s a smart gal, and her musical dreams she literally has perfected. On behalf of those people that love that kind of music, I can only salute them and celebrate the happiness that Joni Mitchell and Neil Young’s music brought them.”

Previously, Nugent attacked Neil Young once again and described the musician as a person who was under the influence of mind-destroying chemicals by reminding everyone of Young’s addiction problems. He said that nobody can censor people’s thoughts although they are controversial or misguiding in a sense.