David Crosby Reacts To Bruce Dickinson’s Live Performance With Iron Maiden

Apart from focusing on his musical efforts, David Crosby also uses his social media to interact with his followers. He doesn’t hesitate to make bold remarks about fellow musicians or reveal his thoughts on recent news. Following his last statement about Kanye West, Crosby has now targeted Iron Maiden‘s live performances.

“An old friend from high school flew in from Kansas this week to see Iron Maiden with me tonight,” said Crosby’s friend and fellow musician, Vin Downes, commenting on the band’s show on October 23. “I cannot explain how much fun this was. My inner metalhead is still smiling. The last time I saw them was in ’86. They’re still as tight as ever and put on an amazing show.”

Crosby couldn’t hold his tongue and responded by saying, “It’s so weird to me that you like that noise.” Upon seeing Crosby’s tweet, Testament’s guitarist Alex Skolnick decided to step in and defend the metal icons. He said, “David, it has to be experienced live. The energy is contagious. Let your follower drag you to one of their shows sometime. You might be surprised!”

It was surprising for several fans to hear that a rock icon such as David Crosby could utter such harsh words about fellow musicians who entered the rock scene soon after CSNY. Time will tell whether Crosby will give Maiden another chance by attending their upcoming shows in 2023.

After releasing their latest effort, ‘Senjutsu,’ Iron Maiden has decided to embark on the Future Past Tour 2023 with several shows in Europe, the UK, and Ireland. The band announced that they would perform tracks from ‘Senjutsu’ and the 1986 album ‘Somewhere In Time’ throughout the dates. As for now, they are still on the road for their 2022 Legacy Of The Beast Tour.

You can check out the tweets below.