Ville Valo On Why He Should Shut Up On Stage

In the middle of his world tour, Ville Valo recently sat down for an interview with Kerrang, where he talked about his experience with solo performances. While answering one of the questions, he revealed his opinions about talking during shows.

Asked about his most foolish onstage remarks, the singer said:

Everything! It’s like when you meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time – you’re nervous, and you start talking about shit you really shouldn’t. I just start jabbering on about something that’s unrelated to music, talking about my underwear and stuff. I try to be funny and deep, and entertaining at the same time. Believe me; it doesn’t work. So the best thing is to just shut up forever.

However, Valo has some favorites about being on stage, which he revealed while explaining the best feeling during a gig as follows:

“When you lose yourself completely, and you’re just part of the experience. I still struggle to get that meditative quality. I get so stressed about little things. I start thinking about cables or if my zipper is up.”

On the other hand, the former HIM vocalist named nervousness as one of the essentials of his performances before. In an April interview with ‘Herbal Tea & White Sofas,’ his words read:

“I think right before you go on stage, at least in my case, it’s very important to be nervous, and it’s very important to have the butterflies going. And if they’re not there, I think the gig won’t be a success. ‘Cause the best rock gigs are the ones that when you walk onstage, you just forget all about everything.

And the best gigs usually are the ones that you don’t remember anything of. That’s when you’ve been lost in the music and one with the crowd. That’s a special feeling. But it’s easier said and done.”

Ville Valo’s tour supporting his latest album ‘Neon Noir‘ is headed to the UK for a concert on June 8. His shows will continue until October and will end in the US.