David Crosby Personally Apologizes To All Women In The US

CSNY icon David Crosby recently apologized to all women in the United States on Twitter due to the court’s decision to ban abortion in some states.

Legalizing or not legalizing the termination of unwanted pregnancies has been a debated issue in the United States for years. The previous month, rumors spread that the court would ban abortion entirely in the country. Many women in the US began to react to this decision on social media.

In the previous days, the announcements regarding some states banning abortion altogether made it to the headlines. Since then, women have reacted harshly to this decision on social media which restricts their freedom. They have come together and organized marches to oppose this new law.

Celebrities have also been talking about this issue for a while. A couple of days ago, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams returned her Instagram to react to this decision stating that this law was against women’s rights. According to her, the country would not provide the necessary care for the children born by force.

Recently, David Crosby expressed his sadness about this regulation on Twitter. Crosby mentioned that the decision disappointed him as a person who loves his country. He noted that he believed in democracy and that everyone has the right to live freely and happily. Crosby personally conveyed his apologies to all American women due to this final decision.

David Crosby wrote on Twitter:

“For tonight anyway. I am discouraged. Maybe disheartened is better. I love this country. I believe in democracy. I believe all of us have that right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and I personally apologize to all the women in this country.”

You can see the tweet below.