David Crosby Admits He’s Not A Hundred Percent Sober Anymore


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s David Crosby recently posted a tweet in which he shared his thoughts on using soft drugs rather than hard ones after 14 years of being sober.

David Crosby used drugs during his career with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. He began abusing drugs more severely after his longtime girlfriend died in a car accident. For that reason and several other internal conflicts, Crosby, Stills & Nash broke up and reunited several times. However, Crosby’s drug abuse didn’t only affect his music career.

In 1985, Crosby spent nine months in prison due to possession of heroin and cocaine. In the same year, he was arrested for drunken driving, a hit-and-run accident, and possessing a pistol and cocaine in his car. Aside from that, his relationship with his bandmates was negatively affected by his substance abuse.

After abusing drugs for a really long time, Crosby decided to put an end to this. So, he spent considerable time in rehab to recover from his drug use. Currently, Crosby has been sober for a long time despite his use of ‘soft drugs’ like weed.

Recently, one of Crosby’s fans tweeted him a photo of his joint. Upon seeing that, David Crosby shared his thoughts on the photograph. Following that, another fan responded by saying that he thought the musician was clean. The fan added that he hopes Crosby is sober.

Crosby responded to the fan’s concerns in a tweet and said he likes smoking pot as much as he liked being sober for 14 and half years. He then said his real problem was hard drugs, and he has been free from them for around four decades.

Crosby’s fan tweeted the musician that:

“I thought you were clean, Mr. Crosby. I hope so.”

Crosby then responded:

“Nope. I do smoke pot now and I like it a lot. Did 14 and half years sober and I liked that too… My problem was hard drugs which I’ve been free from for about 40 years.”

You can check out the tweets below.