David Coverdale On Whether He Regretted His Decision To Become A Singer

David Coverdale recently joined an interview with The SDR Show to talk about the past, present, and future of his career. The singer reflected on his decision to become a singer and revealed whether he had any regrets about it.

After the interviewer mentioned Jimi Hendrix’s influence on his choice to focus more on singing instead of playing guitar or piano, the Whitesnake frontman said:

“I still consider myself a domestic guitar god, you know. But it’s fantastic to have that realization so early because a lot of my peers that I loved at that time was like – [It was] the big blues time in the UK with [Syd] Barrett and [Eric] Clapton and then Peter Green and the original Fleetwood Mac, who I loved, and they were all singing guitar players, so I could do the old blues licks and stuff, you know. But when you get into Steve Vai, it’s a different story altogether. I never regretted that decision.”

With no regrets, Coverdale worked on his vocals throughout his career. Years ago, when he talked about being a singer in an interview with ‘Live From Nerdville,’ he claimed that his vocals kept evolving over time through challenges and said:

“I’ve always challenged myself as a singer. And, of course, those [early] songs become more challenging as you get older. Just like you — you don’t wanna go over the same thing. You wanna fire up the Formula One and see where you go. Audience and band are an immense part of that that helps inspire and motivate you to express at your best and go to places that maybe you didn’t go to before.”

You can watch David Coverdale’s recent interview in the video below.